Spesbacher Str. 61g

66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

Tel: (0 63 71) 73 53 38

Who are we?

We are a small family business with family-owned acreage and a small farm shop at the outskirts of Ramstein-Miesenbach (near Kaiserslautern). It is run by Ms Michaela Donauer, who is supported by three shop assistants. Christoph Donauer is responsible for cultivation.

Werner Donauer, who used to be the owner, now supports the store with experience and expertise.


In the beginning...

The selling of our homegrown potatoes was the start of our business.

We started growing our own tomatoes in a plastic tunnel in 2004, which happens without pesticides. Instead we trust in the help of beneficial insects, such as the ichneumon wasp, to protect the plants from pests. 2004 also marked the year we started growing zucchini in the field. Besides the regular long, green zucchini, we offer the 8 ball zucchini (which is ideal for stuffing) and the UFO-zucchini (which is finer in taste).

Since then our collection has continuously grown. At the moment we offer our homegrown potatoes year-round.




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